More and more people like reading on their Kindle, Android/iOS devices. "" is a simple service for sending web content to mobile devices. Furthermore, it removes ads and other junk from the article, letting users view only most relevant material in clean text. You can Read, Collect, Search, Share your favorites web articles anytime anywhere.

一键图文 - 分享精彩


点击 “一键图文” 插件按钮即可自动提取正文并排版预览,也可以先高亮选择需要的内容再点击 “一键图文” 插件按钮。 预览界面下可以对内容进行细节调整,例如删除广告,整理格式,以获得更整洁的输出效果。

RSS to Kindle

Deliver new articles from Google Reader to your Kindle automatically.

Send to Evernote

Push your favorite web articles to Evernote, Instapaper or Email.

Calendar to Kindle

Synchronizes all events of your Google Calendars to your Kindle (Beta).