» Features

Synchronizes all events of your Google Calendars to your Kindle.

You’ll get a magazine called “Calendar” which is replaced by a new version every day. So whenever you open it you’ll see today’s events. The events of the next four weeks are easily accessible.

Weather Forecast

You can add the weather forecast for the next three days to your calendar. Currently, only the temperatures will be synchronized to the Kindle: Go to the Google Calendar settings. Set your current location. Make sure that “Show weather based on my location” is turned on.

» How to Use

1. Open settings page: http://www.klip.me/googlecalendar/

2. Add your Kindle email address.

3. Click the "Authorize" button to authenticate your Google Calendar.

4. Set the time (use your local time) of your deliveries. The calendar can be sent daily or once a week.

5. Click “Update Settings”.

*** A click on “Deliver now” will send the calendar right away so you don’t have to wait until the next morning.

*** The deliveries will stop if your account has been inactive for more than 90 days. You can "Reactivate" it on settings page.
» Privacy

1. Klip.me does not get access to your Google password. We only store an OAuth (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OAuth) token which will be deleted once you cancel the authorization.

2. Klip.me does not store any further information.

3. Klip.me uses read-only access to your calendar, so there can't be any data corruption.

Concept & Design by Dominik Mayer